DSC Registration:

It is a very secure digital key which is by the certifying authorities for the purpose of validating and certifying the identity of a person online. It works on the concept of public key encryptions to create the signatures.

In simple, driving license, PAN cards, and passports allows you to prove your identity offline whereas DSC let you prove your identity online. A Digital signature certificate holds the information such as pin code, user’s name, address, date of issuance of certificate and name of the certifying authority.

The person who holds this one can authenticate a document or certificate with his signature. It is more of a confidential and a secure way to ensuring the readers of the documents that the authentication is valid and it is been originated from the person who has signed it.

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Where can you use a digital signature certificate?

DSC is a very popular and a useful one in India since digitally signed documents are accepted by various government agencies and are admissible in the court of law. Digital signatures can be used to e-file the income tax returns, registrar of companies’ e-filing, online auctions like tenders and can sign the pdf documents.

You no need to send the signed hard copies of documents when you have a digital signature certificate. This obviously saves more time and reduces the efforts of signing in the multiple documents. We can be very sure about the originality of the documents since the encryptions are used in the certificate.

Features of DSC:

Different classes in DSC:

The category of the applicant and their motive for which the digital signature is attained actually defines the type of DSC one should apply for, based on the requirement. There are three types of classes in DSC. They are as follows:

Class 1:

This class 1 DSCs are handed over to individual or private subscribers. They need to confirm that the email id, user’s name and contact details from the clearly defined subject which is lie within the database of the authority who certifies it. This is not used for companies

Class 2:

Class 2 DSC verifies the identity of a person against a trusted database which is pre-verified. This is actually used for companies or trusts to file their tax returns.

Uses of class2 DSC:

Class 3:

It is the more secure and a higher DSC available in India. In order to get this, the person needs to present himself/herself in front of a registration authority to prove his/her identity. It can be used in bidding or participation in e-auction through online mediums all over India.

Uses of class3 DSC:

To store your digital signature certificate:

Digital signature certificates are nothing but the soft copies that you can store it in your computer or else you can have a USB token to store this which is considered as more secure. Keep that in mind that if you delete or lose the USB token, there is no way to recover it. You only can revoke the certificate and can apply for a new one.

Documents required for DSC: